create a strong economy


Keeping and growing jobs in Lucas and Fulton counties is Derek Merrin’s top priority. He has fought excessive regulations and red tape that restrict economic prosperity. Derek has authored legislation to generate economic development and lower housing construction costs. He’s working to create a more business-friendly environment that promotes growth and higher wages in Ohio.


protect tax dollars


Derek Merrin is one of Ohio’s leading fiscal conservatives, scrutinizing government spending and helping balance the state budget without adding debt to future generations. He sponsored legislation to have state lawmakers start paying a portion of their dental and vision insurance. He has authored legislation to increase transparency and stop wasteful spending. 


lower taxes


You work hard to earn a living. Derek Merrin supports lower taxes for individuals and businesses – enabling Ohioans to keep more of what they earn. Merrin successfully wrote a new law to eliminate the sales tax on prescription eyewear, which takes effect July 1, 2019, that will save Ohioans nearly $30 million annually. 


protect our neighborhood security


Derek Merrin will always stand with law enforcement and our first responders to keep our communities safe. He is a co-sponsor of the Drug Trafficking Deterrence Act, supported by law enforcement, to increase prison sentences for drug dealers. Derek has co-sponsored legislation to mandate longer prison sentences on those convicted assaulting children leaving them permanently disabled.


support our schools


Derek Merrin is a strong advocate for quality education. Both of his parents were school teachers. He wants teachers and local schools to have more flexibility with fewer state mandates.  Derek supports putting more emphasis on vocational training and striving for excellence with a rigorous curriculum. He supports a school funding solution that relies less on property taxes.


conservative family values


Derek Merrin is 100% pro-life and has worked to streamline the adoption process. He strongly supports the 2nd Amendment and believes in the inherent right of self-defense. Derek has been a vocal advocate for religious freedom and protecting our heritage.